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Engine oil 10W-40

Engine oil 10W-40

Engines and gear oil recommended for all DM engines and wet clutches Engines:

For our motors, we recommend engine oil 10W40 mineral based, which we now have in the delivery program. We suggest that new engines ideally ½ hour before commissioning should arrive on the track without load. Then best to make an oil change after this. In general next oil changes are considered to make quite an early stage. Shiny silver particles in the oil are used as information for Oil Change Intervals, it is abrasion basing on polishing that comes from not hardened gears, but will increase with time.

Only for registered dealers

After running this oil should also not longer than 1 week stay while driving! Engines used in competitions should receive more frequent oil changes.

Wet Clutches:

Wet clutches also tolerate engine oil

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